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Protection provided

2011. 12. 01. | News: Migrants in the Spotlight

In most European countries it is evident that asylum-seekers who fear persecution for their sexual orientation or gender identity may receive protection. According to a recent study which assessed the process of handling the requests issued by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual or intersexual (LGBTI) asylum seekers, five European Union member countries had cases when the asylum-seeker’s request was declined even if the authorities in the country of origin had already persecuted the asylum-seeker. (The original text in Hungarian.)

Employees at “guarded shelters” should be more sensitive

2011. 12. 01. | News: Migrants in the Spotlight

Menedék Hungarian Association for Migrants evaluated the work done in We Care project in Hungary at their closing event held in Budapest. We Care was a project supported by the European Refugee Fund to assess the rehabilitation practices of asylum-seekers and to coordinate the work of NGOs dealing with migrants’ issues. …read more »

Hungarian Media Law: International Mission Condemns Chilling Effect and Calls for Change

2011. 11. 16. | News

Hungary’s new model of media regulation is creating a chilling effect and undermining freedom of expression said an international partnership mission comprised of leading press freedom and media development organizations today. …read more »

“Ignorance is the bedrock of prejudice”

2011. 10. 25. | News: Migrants in the Spotlight

The Center for Independent Journalism and the International Organization for Migration organized two capacity building workshops for journalists and journalism students in Budapest. At the “Changing Society – Migrants in th Spotlight” workshop experts shared information on the global and local aspects of migration. …read more »

Changing society – Migrants in the Spotlight Student Journalists’ Training Sessions

2011. 10. 04. | News, News: Migrants in the Spotlight

The Center for Independent Journalism (CIJ) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) organizes a training workshop “Changing society – migrants in the spotlight” to be held for students, on Wednesday, 19 October and for journalists on Thursday, 20 October 2011 from 10 am. to 5 p.m. at K+K Hotel in Budapest. …read more »

Nelofer Pazira at the Center for Independent Journalism

2011. 09. 20. | Blog: Migrants in the Spotlight, News, News: Migrants in the Spotlight

Afghan-Canadian journalist and documentary filmmaker Nelofer Pazira talked about the relation between journalism and activism. …read more »

Roundtable Discussion with Nelofer Pazira Afghan-Canadian Journalist

2011. 09. 16. | News, News: Migrants in the Spotlight

We kindly invite you to meet visiting Afghan-Canadian journalist Nelofer Pazira at a roundtable discussion exploring the relationship between journalism and gender – does “feminine” journalism exist, are certain topics gender specific? How are – for instance – female conflict zone reporters regarded? How is the assignment of certain topics by editors influenced by gender? …read more »

What makes Hungary attractive? Interviewing Russian migrants

2011. 07. 29. | Blog: Migrants in the Spotlight

About 5500 Russians live now in Hungary, but for some reason they are not considered as a minority. But there are still less people in Russia, who are familiar with Hungary. Some of them may still remember “the happiest barrack in the East”, „Globus green peas” and „Ikarus buses” – all famous reminders of the Soviet times. Then why do Russians choose to live in Hungary? I have asked some of my compatriots and an expert of Russian-Hungarian relations about this question. …read more »

Media self-regulation in focus in Hungary

2011. 07. 12. | News, News: Media self-regulation

The international conference “Media self-regulation: ethics and quality” was organized by the Center for Independent Journalism on 23 June, 2011 to discuss the future role and regulatory environment of a future industry-based media self-regulatory system in Hungary. Speakers of this conference summed up the results of several year-long consultations among major stakeholders of media on the establishment of such an organization. International experts from the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) shared experiences with already existing self-regulatory mechanisms with Hungarian colleagues.

…read more »

A new webpage against the child abuse

2011. 07. 08. | News: Pandora's Box

A new Hungarian webpage on child abuse was launched today by the National Institute for Child Health as a part of campaign against the child abuse. It is the first webpage which offers a comprehensive knowledge in Hungarian on child abuse, providing useful information for both experts and the audience. One of the main aims of this webpage is to reach out to children who can find important informative data and tips as well as educational materials. More information on the topic please find in Hungarian:  http://www.cij.hu/hu/honlap-a-gyermekek-bantalmazasa-ellen