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Roundtable discussion on the enlargement of the European Union

2012. 12. 21. | Stories: Next in Line

The enlargement process of the European Union will remain a priority, although the past year has been dominated by the crisis management of the euro zone — Dr. Tamás Szűcs, head of the European Commission’s Representation in Hungary said in his opening remarks at the roundtable discussion held on November 22 in Budapest. The lively debate involving international speakers, focused on the enlargement strategy and the current state of the enlargement process of the European Union. The event organized by the Center for Independent Journalism (CIJ) as a part of the Next in Line project. …read more »

Cultural Differences and Minority Rights in Turkey

2012. 11. 27. | Stories: Next in Line

Although an increasing number of people have been practicing religion in Turkey, this doesn’t pose a threat to secular society, because of the decisive role of the advocates of a secular republic. In spite of the social diversity, cultural conflicts in Turkey are relatively rare compared to those in other countries of the Islamic world. However, two minority issues remain unsolved.

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Turkey and the EU: Between hope and disillusion

2012. 10. 29. | Stories: Next in Line

Turkish society benefits more from the preparations for joining the European Union than it would from membership itself. The EU needs a prosperous Turkey more than Turkey needs the Union. In Istanbul, you often hear such views expressing both hope and disillusion in potential EU membership.

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Turkey: Where tradition and technology flourish

2012. 10. 29. | Stories: Next in Line

Turkey is a predominantly Muslim country of 75 million with a 7 percent annual economic growth. Its inhabitants consider themselves to be a part of Europe and past surveys have shown that a majority of people want to belong to the European Union. Although culturally different, Turkey has a lifestyle similar to that of Central Europeans.

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Presentation of Magda Walter at Internet Hungary

2012. 10. 18. | News: Mapping digital media

Magda Walter, the regional editor of the Mapping Digital Media project held a presentation at the Internet Hungary on October 16–17, 2012. On the professional event she explained that the aim of the research involving almost sixty countries is to present the changes caused by digital media and also to promote discussion between professional actors. …read more »

The situation of digital switch-over

2012. 09. 22. | News: Mapping digital media

The Sajtószabadság Café (Press Freedom Cafe) held on September 20, 2012 the Center for Independent Journalism, the Standards Media Monitor and CivilMedia organized a roundtable discussion about the digital switch-over.  …read more »

EU-funded Project for Young Roma Journalists

2012. 08. 30. | News

Ten young Roma journalists took part in a project from March to August 2012 which provided training on key issues of the European Union and Roma integration. At the same time, the reporters interned in newsrooms and produced articles, radio and television programmes totalling 200 in number.

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We moved to new premises

2012. 07. 30. | News

The Center for Independent Journalism moved to new premises and now it is located in the downtown area of Budapest, in the 5th district.

Address: 1052 Budapest, Regiposta Street 4. 1st floor #10
Phone: +36-1-317-5448
E-mail: cij@cij.hu

By metro you can get off either at the station Ferenciek tere on Line M3 (blue line), or station Deak ter at the junction of M3 and Line M2 (red line). Regiposta Street is in between the two stations, within 5 minutes walk.

Teaching journalism ethics

2012. 06. 17. | News: Mapping digital media

The topic of the second conference of the Editors’ Forum, the Center for Independent Journalism and the Goethe Institute was teaching journalism ethics on June 13, 2012. The participants discussed how to teach professional and moral values in journalism workshops in higher education. …read more »

Journalism and ethical standards workshop in Goethe Institute

2012. 03. 19. | News: Mapping digital media

On February 29, 2012 the first event of “Journalism and ethical standards” series was held by the Goethe Institute, the Center for Independent Journalism and the Editors’ Forum. …read more »