» Podcast for beginners – the second workshop

Podcast for beginners – the second workshop

2017. 03. 06. | News, News: Relaunching Journalism

The popularity of podcast is still limited in Hungary, although it could truly challenge the current radio formats. This on-demand content is inexpensive to create and ideal to listen, especially if someone is on the move. The Center for Independent Journalism organised its second workshop on how to produce a podcast (20 February 2017). It was conducted by the producers of the weekly Hungarian podcast Meti Heteor, Ferenc Pohly (digital product developer, journalist, founding member of Origo.hu and Vs.hu) and Ádám Szedlák (journalist, blogger, podcaster).

Introduction to podcasting

Although podcasting became popular in the United States more than ten years ago, “the podcast revolution” started with the spread of smartphones. By now this audio genre has become so important for journalism in the USA and in the UK that leading achors and reporters list their podcasts together with their e-mail addresses and social media profiles.

Meanwhile, in Hungary podcasting is still a marginal media format. It is difficult to estimate its general audience because of the lack of any exact research data and advertisers have just started to assess the possibilities of the podcasting market. New research into and a broader acknowledgment of this genre could certainly help podcasting to better position itself and transform from a “hobby” into a feasible source of content production income.

Sound test

The workshop participants learnt how to begin with podcasting, for instance what kind of hardware (microphones) to buy or what other useful ingredients make a successful podcasting content. During the second part of the hands-on workshop a demonstration of how to record a podcast from two separated locations took place. They learnt what programs and apps to use for editing different soundtracks or cutting out disturbing sequences and on what platforms to use for publications.

More photos of the workshop (by Eszter Kiss):