» Smartphone journalism and digital storytelling workshops

Smartphone journalism and digital storytelling workshops

2017. 03. 13. | News, News: Relaunching Journalism

How to produce video reports by using smartphones? The workshops on digital storytelling and video journalism focused on these increasingly useful skills and participants learned their basics on 9 February and 7 March at the Center for Independent Journalism.

“What do you watch online?”

Media consuming habits have changed; people take less time for reading news; visual information is easy to get and therefore popular; and the video is a flexible format, moreover, it is often more personal and credible than text-based genres – this is how two lead experts of the workshop, Barna Szász (video editor of Hungarian news portal Index.hu) and Ferenc Pohly (consultant specializing in digital product development) summed up the advantages of video journalism.

In addition, producing videos is not necessary expensive. It is possible to create quality content with smartphones and low-cost additional equipment. Professional video reporters at leading media organisations often use these devices, not only because of their affordability, but also efficiency: it allows a producer to instantly cut and upload a video online. This technique made available to broadcast videos live via social media platforms, and explains why it has become nowadays an extremely popular genre.

Low budget videojournalism

Although a smartphone itself is sufficient to produce videos, without some useful accessories it is certainly not always efficient for high-quality journalism. For instance, a good microphone and a tripod improve the video quality significantly. Furthermore, beginners should also consider a few pieces of advice, such as to take care of the shadows and external sounds; not to move the camera too fast – if at all until you are experienced enough -; watch the gaze of the interviewee, because it is really disturbing when (s)he looks at something out of the frame.

Cutting videos on smartphones

After the introductory and the Q&A session, all the participants had the opportunity to create their own videos with their smartphones by using the Adobe Premiere Clip application. At the end of the workshop they shared their videos and discussed their experiences and lessons learnt.

More photos of the workshop (by Eszter Kiss):